How the Sun Got to Coco's House

Written by Bob Graham

For ages 4 to 7

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This book is best for:
  • prepositions
  • temporal concepts (day/night)
  • regular past tense verbs
  • irregular past tense verbs
  • possessive nouns


How the Sun Got to Coco’s House is an enchanting story describing the journey of the sun from the other side of the world to a little girl’s bedroom. This uplifting book emphasises a sense of community between the characters of different nationalities. It serves as an important reminder for kids that the world is a much bigger place than we think. This book can be used to accompany lessons about different places on earth and the concept of time zones.

The language goals that can be targeted through the use of How the Sun Got to Coco’s House, include concepts of location (preposition) and time (day/night). Regular past tense is modelled throughout the story, as well as a variety of irregular past tense verb forms. As the title would suggest, this is also a great book to teach possessive nouns.

For further speech and language targets, see the list below.

Book Details

Narrative Structure: Action Sequence

Story Plot: Journey Tale

  • cultural diversity
  • environment
  • personification
  • weather

Speech and Language Targets

Speech Sounds:
  • /f/ - far, fisherman, footsteps, father, forest, before, briefly, office, off
  • /n/ - night, sun
  • /s/ - sun
  • voiced /th/ - the, then, father, together
  • voiceless /th/ - with, south
  • action verbs
  • regular past tense verbs
  • irregular past tense verbs (slept, crept, blew, took, woke, broke, caught, lit)
  • adverbials
  • prepositions (behind, in, over)
  • possessive nouns
  • objective pronouns (it)
  • reflexive pronouns (itself)
  • subjective pronouns (it)
  • descriptive concepts (light, dark)
  • location concepts (in, out, over, behind,)
  • temporal concepts (day, night)
  • setting
  • weather
Book Info

Published by Candlewick Press in 2015 (ISBN: 9780763681098)

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