If you're anything like me, you spend hours trawling through books in the library to find exactly the right one to use in your therapy session (or classroom).

Trust me, I know how much of a challenge it can be!

So, how can Book Share Time help?

Book Share Time is a resource that will help you find the perfect picture books to target the specific speech and language goals you have in mind. I've spent hours analysing and reviewing the very best books for speech language pathology, so you don't have to. There are some handy search and filter functions, which will help you find the right book quickly and easily. Check out our start here page to see how it works.

I hope you find inspiration to use some of the fantastic books listed as a basis for developing the communication skills of your little ones. To stay updated on the latest and greatest picture books for speech and language development, subscribe to my email newsletter.

Cecile Ferreira

Hi, I'm Cecile and I'm a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (SPA CPSP) from Western Australia.

I am very passionate about developing children's speech and language skills, especially children who find it difficult to communicate. I currently work in a school setting with children aged three to nine. I absolutely love my job! I am very fortunate to work in a collaborative team with teachers, education assistants and other speech pathologists.

I'm a huge bookworm, which means I'm always trying to find new books that I can incorporate into my therapy sessions. I love using great books as the basis of therapy as it gives children the context they need to hang the speech and language skills they're learning on.

A bit more about me....

// I grew up as "third culture kid" - moving from country to country until my family and I finally settled in Australia when I was eighteen. Having to move countries was hard and lots of tears were shed each time we had to move. But, it did give me great appreciation and respect for different cultures - something which I am proud to carry over into my practice as a speech pathologist every day.

// I met my husband pretty soon after I arrived in Australia and we got married in November of 2015. I'm very lucky to have a web developer for a husband - he's the one who makes this website actually work!

// We've recently adopted a rescue cat called Cinder. She is my little shadow who follows me around all over the house. Some of her other favourite things to do are: sitting in the windowsill, playing with toys on a string, and waking us up ridiculously early in the mornings for cuddles.

Cecile Ferreira Wedding Cinder

Now that you know a little more about me and my family, please get in touch and tell me about you! I would love to hear about the books that you love and if Book Share Time has been of any value to you.

To stay updated on the latest and greatest picture books for speech and language development, subscribe to our email newsletter.