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Looking for book recommendations for a particular speech or language target? Or maybe you’re after a book with a particular story plot or narrative structure? Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re a speech-language pathologist, teacher or parent; Book Share Time will help you find the perfect book to develop the speech and language skills of your little ones.

First time here? Scroll down to find out how to get the best possible book recommendations using Book Share Time's search and filter functions.

As a Speech Pathologist, I know what it's like to spend hours searching for the perfect book to use in my speech therapy sessions. Or not knowing whether that newly released book is really worth buying for my therapy toolkit. If you can relate to this then sign up to my newsletter. I will keep you updated on new picture books releases, as well as provide you with ideas on how you can use these books to develop the speech and language skills of your little ones.

How to find books

The two easiest ways to search for books:

  1. Type your keyword straight into the search box. This will search for your keyword in the book contents, as well as the book description and review.
  2. Click on ‘Find Books’ in the top navigation bar and then use the filter box to select your target/s. This method allows you to search for more than one target within books. If you choose more than one target, the results will only show you books that contain all the selected targets.

Okay that all sounds a bit confusing.... so here's some examples:

Example 1
"I'm looking for a book for that will be appropriate for a six-year-old and that targets the /k/ sound."

So, I can start by clicking on ‘By Age’ in the navigation bar. This will show me all the books that are appropriate for six-year-olds.

I can then search for books targeting the /k/ sound by using the filter box to select ‘k’ from the ‘speech sound’ section. The results will show all the books for six-year-olds than can be used to target /k/.

Example 2
"I'm after a rhyming book about animals."

I click on ‘Find Books’ in the top navigation bar. I then use the filter box to select the two targets: ‘animals’ under themes and ‘rhyme’ under rhyme & sound awareness. Now I will only see rhyming books containing animals.

Example 3
“I want to look at books about the farm.”

I will use the search box to enter the keyword ‘farm’. The results will show me all books containing farm in the book contents, description and review.

If you have any troubles navigating these filter functions, please let me know!

Thank you so much for visiting Book Share Time.

I really hope it makes finding the right picture books a quick and easy process. I'm uploading new books all the time, so keep checking back regularly.

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