Magnificent Picture Books for Mother’s Day

There’s nothing more special than curling up with your little one and sharing a good book together. Here are some delightful picture books that celebrate the precious love between a mother and child. These stories are guaranteed to make you and your little one giggle and, best of all, leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy!

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Picture Books for Teaching Regular Plural Nouns

See some of my favourite children's books for targeting regular plural nouns. I love these books as they provide multiple examples of regular plural nouns throughout the text, as well as giving children many opportunities to join in and practise using regular plurals.

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Using Story Plots to Support Children’s Storytelling

Learning about story plots was a bit of a revelation for me. I know that sounds a bit silly. But I had never thought about the fact that there might only be a couple of basic story plots that most stories follow in some way or another; and how teaching children about these plot patterns could make storytelling easier for them.

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