Picture Books for Teaching Regular Plural Nouns

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Looking for some great picture books to teach regular plural nouns?

Here are some of my favourite children's books for targeting regular plurals. I love these books as they provide multiple examples of regular plural nouns throughout the text, as well as giving children many opportunities to join in and practise using regular plurals. I always ensure that I am drawing attention to the final /s/ sound with my voice as well as a hand cue (I use cued articulation) to ensure the child is cueing into the regular plural word endings.

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Farm Babies by Rod Campbell cover image

Farm Babies by Rod Campbell. An adorable board book for infants and toddlers all about farm animals. Not only will kids discover a new farm animal on each page, but every animal has little babies. The number of animal babies increases by one on each page, making it perfect for practising counting and modelling of regular plurals. Try phrases like these: “I see two lambs…. Here are three puppies.... Wow, seven fluffy chicks!”


Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle cover image

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a classic that you probably already have in your children’s book collection, so go and dig it out! A hungry caterpillar emerges from an egg and starts feasting on a variety of different food. He starts out with one apple, but the next day eats two pears, and then he eats three plums. The amount he eats increases by one each day, allowing children to practise their counting and use of regular plurals as they describe the pictures.


My Dog Bigsy by Alison Lester cover image

My Dog Bigsy by Alison Lester. A delightful story about an energetic dog who causes chaos at the farm by chasing all the farm animals. The text repeatedly models regular plurals as Bigsy the dog chases the cockatoos, the kangaroos, the ducks and more. Children can practise their use of regular plurals by stating how many they found on the page (e.g. two cows and five hens) or use the handy map on the endpapers to retell the story (e.g. “first he chased the cockatoos, then he chased the kangaroos, etc.)


Don't Think About Purple Elephants cover image

Don’t Think About Purple Elephants by Susan Whelan. A whimsical book about a little girl called Sophie who suffers from anxiety and struggles to fall asleep at night. Her mum’s clever solution is for Sophie to try not to think about purple elephants when she’s in bed. Of course, this is all Sophie can think about! Regular plural nouns are modelled throughout the story, and the beautiful illustrations show elephants getting up to all sort of fun. Children will love counting and describing the elephants, all while remembering to use regular plurals in their speech.


Wombat Stew Marcia Vaughan

Wombat Stew by Marcia Vaughan. A classic Australian children’s book about a dingo who tries to make wombat stew. The other Australian animals trick dingo into putting all sorts of yucky things in the stew like soft feathers, crunchy flies and other slimy insects. While listening to the story, children will hear many uses of regular plural nouns. They can practise using regular plurals correctly when describing what dingo is putting in the stew or while retelling the story.


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Picture Books for Teaching Regular Plural Nouns


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