My Dog Bigsy

Written by Alison Lester

For ages 0 to 6

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This book is best for:
  • copying animal sounds
  • character description
  • temporal concepts
  • prepositions


My Dog Bigsy follows an energetic dog who runs around the farm visiting all the farm animals. The animals make lots of noise. Squawk, neigh, quack, moo, baa, oink, cluck, purr, ruff ruff ruff! And it's all because of Bigsy!

This simple story is great fun to read. Children love joining in and copying all the animal sounds heard throughout the book. The endpapers show a map of the farm, which children can explore while imitating the noises of animals found on it.  What makes this book particularly unique, is the wonderful introduction of Bigsy showing a very detailed description of him with arrows pointing out the special features. In this description, we see that Bigsy has crooked front legs, a long body and five brown patches (one shaped like Tasmania).

In addition to copying sounds and description, My Dog Bigsy can be used to target concepts of time (morning/night) and location (over, down, into).

For further possible speech and language targets, see the list below.

Book Details

Narrative Structure: Action Sequence

Story Plot: Journey Tale

  • animals - Australian, farm, pets
  • places - farm
  • animal sounds
  • maps

Speech and Language Targets

Speech Sounds:
  • /b/ - Bigsy, bed, bark, baa-baa
  • /d/ - dog, ducks, dam, doona, garden, under
  • /k/ - cockies, kangaroo, cat, talking, quack, oink, cluck
  • /l/ blends - cluck, click, slurp, flip, flap
  • /m/ - morning, moo, meaow, farm, dam
  • /n/ - neigh, funny, running, hen
  • /p/ - pig, purr, sleep, help
  • /r/ - ruff, run,
  • /s/ blends - sleep, slurp, Slinky
  • /w/ - woof, wow, water
  • action verbs (chase, run, play)
  • regular plurals
  • irregular plurals (sheep)
  • prepositions
  • third person singular
  • labelling
  • identifying parts of animals
  • describing
  • location concepts (over, under, down, into)
  • greetings / farewell
  • character description
  • time
  • setting
  • sequencing
Rhyme & Sound Awareness:
  • copying sounds
Book Info

Published by Penguin Group in 2015 (ISBN: 9780670078936)

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