Our Daft Dog Danny

Written by Pamela Allen

For ages 3 to 8

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This book is best for:
  • story retell
  • explaining means to a goal
  • making predictions
  • regular past tense verbs
  • irregular past tense verbs
  • subjective pronoun (we)


Our Daft Dog Danny is about two boys who, with their dog Danny, go to visit Uncle Peter and his dog, Millie. But when they go to the beach together, things don’t go as smoothly as they had planned. Luckily, Toby had a very clever idea to make the beach fun again for everyone.

Our Daft Dog Danny has a true narrative structure, which makes it a great choice for children working on narrative retells. The story also allows children to use higher level semantic skills, such as explaining means to a goal and making predictions in the story. The language used in this book is strong and models a range of concepts and grammatical elements. It is particularly good for working on regular and irregular past tense and the subjective pronoun ‘we’.

See below for a list of all the possible speech and language targets in this book.


Book Details

Narrative Structure: Complete Episode

Story Plot: Character Flaw

  • animals - pets
  • location - beach

Speech and Language Targets

Speech Sounds:
  • /b/ - beach, ball, bounced, barked, Toby, nobody
  • /ch/ - chase, chilli, catches, kitchen, beach
  • /d/ - dog, Danny, tired
  • /m/ - Millie, miserable, sometimes, home, time, come
  • voiced /th/ - the, then, that
  • voiceless /th/ - throw, things, think, with
  • /w/ - we, with, winter, waves, wouldn’t, won, want
  • conjunctions (and, then, but)
  • possessive nouns
  • subjective pronouns (we)
  • regular past tense
  • irregular past tense (brought, threw, took, set, held, gave, found, went, saw, won)
  • third person singular tense
  • action verbs (chase, throw, catch, grab, bounce, reach)
  • mental verbs (love)
  • explaining means to a goal
  • descriptive (long, hot)
  • location (up/down)
  • quantity (all)
  • temporal (today, when, then)
  • following rules
  • problem solving
  • time
  • setting
  • weather
  • initiating event
  • problem
  • plans
  • feelings
  • direct character speech
  • repetition for emphasis
Book Info

Published by Penguin Group (Australia) in 2009 (ISBN: 9780670073351)

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