There’s a Tiger in the Garden

Written by Lizzy Stewart

For ages 3 to 5

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This book is best for:
  • describing
  • prediction


When Grandma tells Nora there is a tiger in her garden, Nora doesn’t believe her. We all know that tigers live in the jungle, not in people’s gardens. But Nora decides to have a look anyway. To her surprise, she sees dragonflies as big as birds, carnivorous plants, a polar bear who likes fishing and, would you believe it, a friendly tiger!

There’s a Tiger in the Garden is a delightful story celebrating the joys of childhood imagination. The vibrant illustrations set this book apart from the rest and will provide children with many opportunities to practise their describing skills. I love how the ambiguous ending, where Nora sees a mermaid in the bath, encourages children to use their imagination as they predict what might happen next.

For further speech and language targets in There’s a Tiger in the Garden, see the list below.

Book Details

Narrative Structure: Abbreviated Episode

Story Plot: Journey Tale

  • animals - jungle
  • imagination
  • places - garden

Speech and Language Targets

Speech Sounds:
  • /b/ - bored, boring, birds,bear, big, bath
  • /d/ - dragonflies, garden, bird, mermaid
  • /g/ - garden, tiger, dragonflies, jungle
  • /t/ - tiger, plant
  • voiced /th/ - there, the, they, that,
  • unvoiced /th/ - think, nothing, something, bath
  • negatives (no, don't)
  • third person singular tense
  • labelling
  • describing
  • predicting
  • making inferences
  • location (in, on, behind, outside)
  • greetings / farewell
  • setting
  • dialogue
Book Info

Published by Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd in 2016 (ISBN: 9781847808066)

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